Other Services Offered

At Water-Plast, we believe that every project deserves solutions tailored to its unique requirements. Our “Other” category is where you’ll find products and services that not only meet your needs, but also bring innovation to your project.

Chemical Resistant Ventilation:

We offer efficient ventilation solutions that are resistant to
The effect of harmful substances. Our ventilation will ensure safety and efficiency in harsh environments.

Silos (with Hygienic Attestation):

Our silos meet the highest hygiene standards and are ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Safe storage and efficiency are our priorities.

Renovation of Corroded/Busted Tanks:

Tanks: Regardless of the degree of damage, we are ready to restore your tanks to full functionality. You save time and money by avoiding costly replacement.

Fish Breeding Tanks:

Our fish farming tanks are created to support the development of the
fishing industry in an environmentally sound and efficient manner. They offer optimal conditions for fish.


Our pots are a great way to create a plant-friendly and aesthetically pleasing space. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs to enhance the beauty of your plants.
Your needs and goals are most important to us. See how our “Other” category can help you achieve success with your project. Use our offer to find answers
for its needs.

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