Geogrid / Geogrid

immediate stabilization and separation of soil


Immediate soil stabilization and separation

Increase the load-bearing capacity and durability of your structures with geo-grid!

Immediate soil stabilization and separation

Geogrid is an innovative solution for soil stabilization and separation.

Semi-rigid aggregate-geogrid composite system provides immediate stabilization and increases bearing capacity
aggregate layer, even on extremely weak ground.

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Unique strength parameters

The geonet is characterized by extremely high strength parameters.

The high rigidity and non-movability of the geo-grid node immediately responds to the load, preventing
movement of aggregate.

Soil stabilization and load-bearing capacity enhancement

First of all, it stabilizes the soil and increases its bearing capacity.

It reduces the effects of uneven aggregate settlement on heterogeneous ground and patches air voids and points of lower bearing capacity.

Layer separation

Placed between the substructure and the native soil, the geonet acts as a separator to counteract the mixing of materials of different grain size and bearing capacity.

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Why use a geo-grid?

– Increasing the carrying capacity of the structure
– Soil stabilization
– Layer separation
– Time and cost savings
– Ease of installation
– Reducing the time of investment implementation

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Easy and quick installation

The geonet is easy and quick to install. Commercial lengths are selected to allow for
The transfer of a single roll by two workers.

Installation is carried out by unrolling the geo-grid onto a previously prepared soil substrate. The high rigidity of the geonet eliminates the need for time-consuming stretching and anchoring.

Reducing costs and reducing investment time

Geogrid reduces costs and investment time.

Effective aggregate blocking increases the effectiveness of reinforcement, reducing soil replacement by up to 40% in the
road construction.

The solution extends the life of the structure and does not require advanced earthworks.

Trust the geo-grid and build solid and durable structures!

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