Installation of Geomembrane

Guarantee of tightness and safety

Guarantee of tightness and safety

Water-Plast offers professional welding of films of various types, ensuring the tightness and safety of your facilities.

Why choose Water-Plast for pehd geomembrane installation?

– Experience: We have many years of experience in installing pehd geomembrane, which guarantees the highest quality workmanship.

Professionalism: Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and skills to make the installation of the geomembrane smooth and trouble-free.

Comprehensive: We offer comprehensive services, including the selection of the right geomembrane, its installation and service.

– Modern equipment: We have modern equipment from recommended companies viz. leister, herz, munsch for the installation of geomembranes, which allows us to implement even the most complex projects.

Warranty: we provide a warranty for the installation of the geomembrane.

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Water-Plast's additional strengths :

– Certified by the Lukasiewicz Research Institute:

Each operator of welding and welding machines is certified by the Lukasiewicz Research Institute, which guarantees the highest quality of welds and the precision of the connections made and the corresponding welding methods.

– As-built documentation:

Upon completion of the installation, we provide a draft of the completed seal and a protocol of weld leakage tests, ensuring full transparency and safety assurance.

Stages of geomembrane installation:

Installation stages

1 Substrate Preparation: The substrate for the geomembrane must be stable, smooth and free of sharp objects.

2 Layout of the geomembrane: The geomembrane is unrolled on the prepared substrate with appropriate bonding allowances.

3 Geomembrane bonding: The geomembrane is joined to form layers of seal using specialized techniques, such as heat welding.

4 Quality control: After the installation, we carry out quality control to make sure the geomembrane is airtight.

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Geomembranes application:


Water reservoirs: sealing the retention tank

– Sealing landfills: The use of a geomembrane prevents the entry of
of harmful substances into the soil and groundwater

– Foundation insulation: Protecting foundations from moisture and ground water action

Other: construction of tunnels, swimming pools, insulation of tanks, hydraulic engineering construction

– Drainage boxes: Sealing seepage boxes create underground retention tanks

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More information on geomembranes

Water-Plast is a specialist in the installation, welding and welding of PEHD geomembranes.
Our specialty is the insulation of civil and hydraulic structures.

Our services include the application of PEHD geomembrane in three main categories

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