Welding of plastics

Welding of plastics

Connecting power that opens up new possibilities

The power to connect, which opens
new opportunities

Looking for reliable and versatile solutions for your business?

Discover the potential
Plastic welding with Water – Plast – an experienced leader in this field,
offering a wide range of services and products for various industries.

Welding power – durability and precision:

– Joining a variety of plastics, such as polyethylene, polypropylene.

– Create durable and aesthetically pleasing connections with high strength.

– Ability to weld parts of different shapes and thicknesses.

– Precise and trouble-free welding, even for complex structures.

Wide range of applications:

– Production and repair of process, chemical, food and other tanks.

– Making structural components, pipelines and installations.

– Welding of machine and equipment components.

– Prototyping and creating non-standard components.

– Possibility of individual projects and custom orders.

Water-Plast – your partner in plastic welding:

Experienced team of qualified welders with certifications.

Use of proven welding technologies, adapted to the specifics of a given material and design.

Professional technical advice and assistance in selecting the optimal solution.

Rigorous quality control at every stage of implementation.

Welding techniques for plastics – a guide

Plastic welding is the process of joining two or more components from the same or different materials, in order to achieve a durable and tight connection. There are many techniques plastic welding, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Welding techniques:

Plastic welding:

It involves melting the surfaces of plastics and bonding them under pressure. Various techniques are used for thermoplastic welding,

among others:

◦ Hand welding: Joining parts together using a hand welding machine.
◦ Extrusion welding: Adding molten material to the gap between the
elements, which are then joined under pressure.
◦ Automatic welding: Joining parts together using a welding machine.


At Water-Plast
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Why choose Water-Plast?

– Quality Guarantee: Highest quality workmanship and compliance with standards.

– Short lead times: Fast and timely execution of orders.

– Competitive prices: Attractive offers tailored to individual needs.

Comprehensive service: consulting, design, production, installation and service.

– Wide range of services: Welding, repair, retrofitting, prototyping and much more.

Discover the power of plastic welding with Water-Plast and be assured that your project will be completed solidly and precisely!

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