It is a material with a wide range of applications in construction.

It is a material with a wide spectrum
construction applications.

In our offer you will find:

PES geotextile
(polyester geotextile) –

It is characterized by high strength,flexibility and weather resistance.

PP geotextile
(polypropylene geotextile) –

Lightweight and easy to install, ideal for temporary applications.

PPHT geotextile
(high strength polypropylene geotextile) –
It combines in combines the advantages of pes and pp geotextiles, designed for demanding applications.
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Application of Geotextile

Geotextile performs several key functions:

Protective – protects the substrate and structures from mechanical damage and weathering. For example, the protective function of geotextiles
we can use to protect the geomembrane from mechanical damage

Drainage systems – drains excess water from the structure, preventing it from becoming soggy and settling.

Soil separation – separates soil layers with different properties, preventing their mixing.

Geotextile is used in various fields of construction, among others:

Road and bridge construction – geotextile is a construction material that provides
Stabilizes the substructure, guarantees a durable foundation, stabilizes embankments and slopes.

Foundation construction – protects the insulation from mechanical damage.

Drainage geotextiles – drains water.

Construction of gardens and green areas – prevents soil erosion and strengthens pavements.

– Drainage boxes – geotextile is used in the installation of drainage boxes
By the good filtration properties of the geotextile.

Above all, geotextile is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways
construction. It will work well for both protection and construction purposes.

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Features and properties of geotextile

Geotextile is characterized by a number of important mechanical properties:

– Tensile strength
Determines the material’s resistance to rupture.

– Water permeability
Used for drainage systems.

– Puncture resistance
Determines the material’s resistance to mechanical damage.

These parameters are selected depending on the specific application.

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