PE / PP sheets

Polyethylene (PE) sheets - a versatile material with a wide application

Polyethylene (PE) sheets
versatile material

Polyethylene sheets are an extremely versatile and valued construction material, used
In many industries. Their versatility comes from a wide range of properties, including high chemical resistance, low density, excellent sliding properties and ease of processing.

Properties of polyethylene sheets:

Properties of
polyethylene panels:

Chemical resistance: PE sheets are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, salts and solvents.

Low density: PE sheets are lightweight, making them easy to transport and install.

Sliding Properties: The smooth structure of PE sheets provides excellent sliding properties, making them ideal materials for bearings and slides.

– Ease of machining: PE sheets can be easily machined to suit different needs.

Types of polyethylene sheets:

Types of plates

Depending on the application, different types of polyethylene sheets are available:

PE 300 boards: low-density boards with high flexibility and ease of forming.

PE 500 plates: high-density plates, more durable and abrasion-resistant than PE 300.

Application of polyethylene (PP) sheets:

Application of
polyethylene (PP) panels

Polyethylene sheets are used in many industries, including:

Food industry

PE sheets are approved for food contact, so they are used for the manufacture of cutting tops, food containers and other equipment.

Chemical industry:

Polyethylene sheets are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making them an ideal material for tanks, installations and linings.

Machinery industry:

PE plates are used to manufacture machine components, bearings, slides and other structural parts.


Polyethylene sheets are used as thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as for
Construction of façade elements and roofs.

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Polypropylene (PP) board - a versatile material with a wide application

Polypropylene (PP) board - a versatile material with a wide

Polypropylene (PP) sheets are a versatile and durable construction material that finds
application in many industries.

It is distinguished by its high chemical resistance,
thermal and mechanical, as well as ease of processing.

Properties and applications

Properties and

Resistance: PP boards are resistant to most acids, alkalis, solvents and oils. They can withstand temperatures from -20°C to +100°C, making them an ideal material for harsh environments.

Strength: PP boards have high stiffness and tensile strength. They are ideal as structural elements in the construction of machinery, equipment and tanks.

– Ease of processing: PP boards can be easily cut, sawed, milled, welded and bent. This makes them suitable for creating a variety of shapes and elements.

Types of polypropylene boards:

Types of plates

Solid boards: available in various thicknesses and colors. Used in the construction of machinery, equipment, tanks, as well as in the automotive and electronics industries.

Channelized boards: They have a channelized structure that makes them more lightweight and rigid. Ideal for packaging, shelving, partitions and advertising elements.

Application of polypropylene (PE) sheets:

Application of
polypropylene (PE) panels:

Polypropylene sheets are an excellent alternative to other plastics, such as polyester sheets, PVC or ABS.

They offer better mechanical and chemical properties at an affordable price.

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Industry: construction of machinery, equipment, tanks, pipes, ventilation components.

– Packaging: Production of reusable packaging, boxes, containers, pallets.

Construction: construction of partitions, cladding, facade elements, insulation.

Other: Manufacture of medical equipment, household goods, home furnishings.

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