PEHD geomembrane

It is a high-quality material, characterized, among other things, by high mechanical strength.

It is a high-quality material,
characterized, among other things, by high
mechanical strength.

PEHD / HDPE geomembrane , PEHD film

It is a type of geomembrane made of high-density polyethylene (PEHD) sometimes.
called PEHD or HDPE film, which is characterized by high mechanical strength, puncture resistance, chemical resistance and excellent insulation properties.

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Advantages of PEHD geomembranes

High Mechanical Strength
UV resistance
Price of Geomembranes
Resistance to chemical compounds
Hygienic Attestation
Very Good Weldability
No seepage
– Long life

PEHD film parameters :

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Application of HDPE geomembrane :

The use of HDPE film ideally finds its solutions in various fields. For example, such as construction, hydraulic structures, environmental protection and in agriculture.

In construction: Insulation and sealing of structures

In the construction industry, the use of PEHD geomembrane primarily includes insulation of buildings and sealing of structures. HDPE memb rane is used to insulate foundations, roofs, terraces or basement walls. Thanks to its properties, the HDPE geomembrane provides effective protection against both moisture and water.

Hydrotechnical structures

In hydrotechnical structures , geomembrane is used to waterproof elements such as dams, irrigation channels, flood embankments and drainage ditches. Above all, thanks to its mechanical strength and resistance to water, geomembrane is an ideal material for protecting such structures from leaks and erosion.

Traffic construction

In transportation structures, geomembrane is used to insulate and seal various infrastructure elements, such as tunnels, overpasses and roads. Thanks to its durability and resistance to weathering, it is an ideal material for the construction of modern transportation facilities that require durable and effective insulation.

Environmental protection:

Sealing of landfills

In the case of landfills, the geomembrane is used to seal the slopes of the landfill. The geomembrane forms an isolation barrier that protects the ground from contamination and prevents harmful substances from entering the groundwater.

Construction of water reservoirs/retention tanks

Various types of geomembrane are used for tank construction, i.e. smooth or textured. Geomembrane is used in the construction of water reservoirs, such as tanks p. fire, ponds, evaporation retention tanks or swimming pools. First of all, thanks to its insulating properties, geomembrane is an ideal material for sealing retention tanks, ensuring the durability and tightness of the structure. In addition, it is also used for the construction of retention tanks based on a system of infiltration boxes. More importantly, sealing of seepage box tanks is our specialty.
You can find more about retention tanks here – All about tanks

Liquid fuel storage and distribution facilities and liquid waste tanks

Most importantly, this pehd film forms an insulating layer to protect the soil from substances that can contaminate the soil and groundwater.


The use of PEHD geomembrane in agriculture is ideal for the construction of slurry/laguna tanks. Thanks to its high chemical resistance, the pehd geomembrane provides the tank with both long life and reliable storage of natural fertilizer.

Chemical resistance: what chemicals can it withstand?

The geomembrane is also resistant to chemical compounds, which means it can be used in areas exposed to aggressive substances. As a result of increased chemical resistance, geomembranes cover both acidic and basic substances, as well as some organic solvents. The result is that these properties make geomembrane an ideal insulation material.

Assembly and Insulation

Water-Plast is a specialist in the installation, welding and welding of PEHD geomembranes.
Our specialty is the insulation of civil and hydraulic structures.

Our services include the application of PEHD geomembrane in three main categories

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